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Gypsy Všnner

Gypsy Všnner is a horse race and its origin is Irish, among travelers or gypsies of the British Isles.

In the United Kingdom, are usually referred to as "horses colored traditional" or "piebald pony / skewbald."

These horses are also called:
Gypsy Cob (USA)
Irish Tinker Horse (in Germany and the Netherlands)
Piebald Cob and Irish (in Ireland)
Gypsy Vanner (USA).

They are bred for their strength and docility, and their typical size is 140 - 150 cm.

The "Všnner" is a pretty little horse, but the force needed to pull relatively large loads.
The Gypsy Vanner / Cob have been bred for centuries by Gypsies, although throughout their existence have raised any kind of horse that best suits their needs.
The high availability and versatility of this breed of horses has contributed to their spread among the Gypsies, as well as the breeding of several other horses used to achieve other results.
It is currently rediscovering the farming of "Vanners" as a new concept for the pleasing aesthetic qualities and character.

Since the term "Tinker" is considered offensive by travelers, the term "Tinker Horse" is not generally used in the English language to describe the horse.

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