Bardigiano horse

Bardigiano horse



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The Bardigiano horses

Morphological characters:

Type: mesomorph.
Coat: blackish, bay and dark.
Height at withers: 137-145 cm. male, 133-143 cm. females.
Mole: small media.
Weight: 252 - 302 kg.
Head: small.
Tail: thick and long.
Clogs: very wide solid black fingernail.

Tireless and robust, temperament is calm and docile.

Origins and attitudes

The  Bardigiana's Race place of origin Bardi, in the Emilian Appennines.

Mostly known as Pony Bardigiano, is fairly widespread in the Appennines Tuscan-Emilian and used by mountaineers.

Its origins date back to Roman times, when they brought the first one from Gaul as Belgian horses in the valleys of Ceno and Taro.

The race has evolved over the centuries as a horse mountain.
The appearance hard and squat during 1400 has attempted to refined them with Friuli-Arabs, thus similar to a horse.


After the First World War the Bardigiano was almost extinct.
With the commitment of some farmers in 1977 was granted a "Regulation for selection for the Book and genealogy of the horse bardigiano" fixing charges of racial homogeneity of its aims.
Initially utilized for farm work in mountainous and inaccessible for meat production, today is appreciated by many for the equestrian tourism as a horse saddle on his docile nature and quiet.


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