Farmhouse Equestrianism farm handling and riding School on Persiceto, next to Bologna, agritourism villa



Naturalistic Oasis

  • Observation

  • Naturalistic

  • Landscape

  • Game Park

  • Garden Park


Riding Course Schedule

from 15 to 18

from 18 to 23

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Not Migratory

  • pheasant
  • hare
  • magpie
  • water gallinule

ˇall house animals


  • german duck
  • woodcock
  • water coot
  • grey heron

ˇAll migratory birds

Dish of the Day

* bean pap and tripe
* polenta and codfish
* truffle ravioli
* balsamic vinegar
* nocino

š Tipical Daily dishis

B&B Rooms

All ours rooms offer: Private Parking
Private veranda and Garden.
Private heating
Kitchen corner
Air conditioned.

Bed & Breakfast    

The Farm House

The farm traditional estate with attached residences, keeping with Noceto and Vinegar, an old farmhouse and rustic modern Fattoria. 

It ended the third edition of The Farm, with ... the peasants of the countryside Emiliana, live since 1870 the Italian reality show set in a farm of 1870: cards of actors, summaries of the days in handling and a chat for fans Agritourism Villa in San Giovanni Persiceto, next to Bologna - Italy, with spa, wine tasting and farm products Michi, holidays in Bologna villas, nature and near marefosca; tasting wine, balsamic vinegar and tortellini of the farm. The farm villa is located in Persiceto in the heart of the Emilian Agro of Marefosca, the farm villa produces typical Persiceto like clint, the Trebbiano and Lambrusco, and then balsamic vinegar, tortellini and zampetti.
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Old farm house of the Trumpet villas Agriturismo farmhouse in Persiceto, 3 ears. Typical Bolognese cuisine, shopping, vacations with dog, cat and villa horse.

Agritourism Villa Ecotourism in Emilia Farm Hamlet Trumpet's

Welcome to Emilia and Farm House of Trumpet, everybody's perfect holiday in the countryside, you are sure to enjoy our beautifully restored.

Agriturismo Fattoria & the farm to which you were giving the hunt. Cheese, pecorino cheese, olive oil, organic products, well-being, and pecorino cheese, fromages biologiques, huile d'olives, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

Presentation of farm: pictures of the rooms, service, restaurant and form to information.
Report prices and even photos of the area for what it is advisable to visit.

The farm children - a true "House of Peace" where, in addition to know the animals of the farm, make bread, cultivate an organic vegetable garden and vineyard of the Trebbiano ... we learned the dances and the ancient melodies of Mondine Bolognese.
Relaxing vacation near Bologna, apartments. The Farm House of Trumpet offers tourist accommodation and breakfast accommodation in the bio-green campaign Emiliana, between Bologna, Modena and Ferrara.

Farm - Property Cotti, since 1352. Restaurant and farm with the famous Bolognese cuisine. Tasting and sale of typical local wines.
The breeding and crop alternatives for rebuilding the farm in the traditional areas of historical and traditional campaign.
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The traditional farm. Production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Mosto Cotto, Mosto d'Uva and organic methods.
The real traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena produced and sold in the Farm Here you can buy directly from the Internet all the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena that our farm produce.
Park Marefosca - Itinerary: The Winery traditional and organic farming through a guided tour of the Company Casale Trumpet of Persiceto (traditional).

Organic Agriculture Traditional Eco-Compatible

 - Organic farm Traditional Eco-Compatible - farm.
Oil biological Pro Biologic System - Organic Agriculture Traditional Eco-Compatible ... Azienda Agricola Aceto Balsamico di Modena: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic - Durello Brut Traditional Method Durello Traditional Method. Traditional Durello label. FARM.
Produced with grapes of the area dell'Agro Bologna, in particular grapes Trebbiano line Traditional © Copyright 2006 - Production and sales Sagrantino Wine Company, located in the municipality of Persiceto in the province of Bologna, ... Winemaking: clinton traditional red. Vases Vinari for the aging: Slavonian oak.

Proposes extra virgin olive oil Doc of Sabina, produced from the farm house of Trumpet and worked with the traditional method of cold pressing.

Corriere della sera - The statistics tell us that the farm is traditional Italian few hectares, only a few thousand exceed ten hectares in cultivation.
Small farm / Traditional / Technology / Agriculture ... Italian Agriculture Online Content Technologies Traditional Agriculture Small farm.

Agriculture in Emilia. The main theme was the understanding of life and activities taking place at the farm as traditional Emilian areas.

The restaurant handling

- Farmhouse with stables



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