Frisian horse

Frisian horse



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Frisian Horse

The horse is considered a Frisian horses in the race of the oldest.

It has origins in Holland and was often used during the Middle Ages as a war horse.

Frisian Horse

Today the Frisian is so much appreciated for the dressage, often used in equestrian events and attacks.
There are two models: the modern lighter and more durable than the baroque.
The horse race is composed of Frisian horses robust, powerful and tireless but also elegant, and strong blacks.

Morphological aspects

Height at withers: 1.55 - 1.68 m.
Weight: 555 Kg.
Coat: blackish (all black)


Frisian Horse; elegant, black and strong

That Frisian is a breed of horses that descended from an ancient breed developed in Friesland, a region of Holland where they found the remains of horse skeletons dating to about 3000 years ago.

The first written citations go back to the Romans, when the Roman Empire expanded up to the northern Atlantic coast of Europe: Tacitus enhances the strength and value addition to its rather ungainly appearance, the result of selection Frisian that sent mainly to work in the fields.

In the Middle Ages Frisian appeared in various colors of cloak and was appreciated as horse for war for his strength and frugality, which allowed the Knight lead with heavy armor.
With the Spanish domination of the sixteenth century, is imported in Iberian Netherlands many horses that were cross with Frisian, thereby creating a much more light and graceful.

In the nineteenth century in Europe broke out of fashion in trotting races and this led to the improvement of the already good performance of the horse trotting Frisian in, breeding horses with different light and elegant. For this race risked extinction. But in 1879 met twenty-two farmers and determined the characteristic features of the Frisian race.

During the First World War, remained only three stallions very pure and a hundred mares. To preserve the genetic heritage of the breed, breeders excluded since any crossing with other breeds.
With the scarcity of vehicles and fuel caused by the Second World War, is favored to carry the race, strong and sturdy.

At the end of the war Queen Juliana of the Netherlands granted the title of Royal Society of rearing horse Frisian, becoming the first protector. Today the Frisian horse is beloved for its powerful and elegant beauty, and its peculiar characteristics enabled him to obtain a world-famous; horses Frisian indeed have the honor of pulling the coach of the Dutch royal family and also that of great and famous British store Harrods.

Since 1980 rearing horse Frisian is aimed mainly at improving the gallop, the weak point of the race, and development of its potential in dressage.

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