Hannover horse

Hannover horse



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Hannover Horse riding, Equestrian

Height: 161-174 cm. in height.
Weight: 505 - 605 kg.
Attitude: draft horse and saddle a slight character balanced and calm, joyful and courageous. Skilled in dressage and exceptional in jumping.
Ductile and resistant, is used in fox hunting, for the complete and tourism.

The race horses origins of Hanover is German, from the regions of Lower Saxony and Hanover.
It 'a very ancient race from 700 to today has radically altered his appearance and characteristics.
Structure of heavy and mighty to the origins, suitable for work in the fields and to tow, to obtain copies lighter was repeatedly crossed with the English thoroughbred.
King George II in 1735 gave a strong impetus to the development of the race resulting in Hanover to a team that later gave its name to the race, from where he soon got a good horse for towed cars.

In order to make it more suitable for sports, were then introduced into the thoroughbred breed new English and Trakehner, which led to obtain the current Hanover, the modern horse sports.


The color of the mantle in Hanover horse is blackish and Bay, sorrel and gray with white markings frequent.

Presents a slight head straight to profile although at times can seem down and heavy, intelligent and lively eyes.

Shows a height high, rounded rump and long, wide neck but proportionate, elongated and tilted back, chest and limbs off muscled and strong hooves with decidedly robust.

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