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  • Equitours organizes a broad spectrum of premier horseback riding vacations and instructional programs worldwide carefully chosen over the last 30 years.

  • Focusing on horse welfare, horse and rider safety, access and rights of way, training (register of instructors) and approving livery yards and riding

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Horse Magazine. News from the world dell'equitazione. The various equestrian disciplines with articles and calendars of events. Marketplace, pages of technical equestrian, cavallomagazine / Horse Magazine & The Sperone. Food purpose of the horse to work is to preserve the animal from the states of decline.
The portal of the horse, the - the realm of those who love the horse, sports and nature.
Cavallo - Wikipedia Nevertheless, the horse still exerts a tremendous fascination sull'immaginario collective, and significant traces of the traditional culture of the horse.

Crazy horse

A passionate offers information and photos on this animal. Cavallo Nature. Riding Center in Emilia who Proposes riding around with Marefosca maremmani and Andalusian horses.

The many efforts put in place by FISE to protect the welfare of the horse, were also taken during the two rounds of the Cup Equestrian. The Horse of the Murge. History and attitudes of one of the oldest horse races in Italy, the murgese. Scuderia full of photos, with standard race, attitudes, morphology and equestrian history.

Equinet offers information on the various equestrian disciplines. News, equestrian centers, farms, horse-riding holidays, equipment, veterinary, forums and holidays on horseback in Emilia. Horse riding holidays with lessons in riding, hiking and trekking holiday on horseback riding vacations with courses, with holidays in handling indoor stage.

Horse breeding

Cavallo & Company,Equestrian Events - Equestrian Theater Company proposes that shows ethnic and historical reconstructions. Founded in 1992, based in Bologna. A horse in Emilia, in Persiceto holiday presents holiday on horseback with a panoramic view, hotel & handling!

Volunteers Association "Riding the horse" was founded in 1988 as a moment of encounter and exchange between people with and without disabilities, in reciprocity and in volunteering for the beast and handling.

Horse Tavern. La Trattoria Cavallo is Persiceto near Bologna, Modena and Ferrara. La Trattoria specializes in fried cake that serves to knights and ladies. Travel on horseback in the green heart of Italy - Riding the campaign - Walking and trekking on horseback - Training horses - Equestrian Endurance fund.
Association Via Verdi to Cavallo. Promotes trekking travelers riding in different regions.

The best friend of horses. Five days of intense emotions in contact with nature and with the main protagonists of this event: the horses!
Mount a horse. the City of Persiceto adheres to the Provincial Information System of Bologna. Welcome to the website of the City to mount a horse

The horse? What passion!

If you love animals, especially horses, here you're in good company.


Cavallo Snc company.

Courses dressage naturalistic; lands and green pastures, meadows and reclamation, environmental recovery and rehabilitation nature.

The Horse in Fine arts: painting, sculpture, graphics, portraits in pencil and pastel, Airbrush. With 3D computer. Artistic and anatomical study of horse.
Anica. Riding Journal of the National Horse Arabic. Calendars and results of the Show, farms and Handler. Pages devoted to direct with members of handling.
Slope Galoppatoio with horses and riding school. Riding horses and riding covered; riding for children and pet terapy.

Thoroughbred foals and by mounting Corsier, Brenna horses and courses with horses. The mares and study horse, the horse saddle, the mount for the stallion and the steed, the palfrey and hack.


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