Lippizaner horse

Lippizaner horse



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Lipizzaner horse race

Morphological characters:

Type: meso-dolicomorf.
Coat: mostly gray, sometimes white, but also blackish, bay and roan.
Height at: 152 - 162 cm.
Weight: 482 - 552 kg.
Character: patient and docile, strong and willing, definitely sociable.

The original area of the Lipizzaner horses is Lipizza, in the province of Trieste, Austria until 1918, then Italian until the conclusion of the 2nd World War and now Slovenia.

The Lipizzaner breed has origins dating back to mid-sixteenth century, when Archduke Charles of Styria it did start the first breeding.
A Lipizza there was a good quality of horses that populated the Aquileiese and Carso, a good climate and a great tradition of excellent farmer horses.
Today's breed of Lipizzaner Horses in purity is assured by two Italian stallions (Napolitano and Conversano), a Danish stallion, and two Klaudrub Arab Eastern.
The Lipizzaner is the horse of note Enrollment of Vienna, founded by Charles of Austria in 1729.
Despite the vicissitudes of war, both Italy and the austere and Slovenia, have managed to retain a large nucleus of the "families" that made up the Lipizzan Breed.


In the spring of'45, so almost unusual, a valuable herd of Lipizzaner complete records of race were delivered to the Italian Ministry of Defense, which kept them in the center Montemaggiore. Passing the competence to the Ministry of Agriculture, he entrusted the management at the Experimental Institute for Livestock
It is in the Experimental Farmer of the Italian State of Tor Mancina in Monterotondo that from fifty years the white Lipizzaner horses are bred with seriousness and competence.
Thanks to their breeding Lipizzaner horses, Italy is a member of the Lipizzan International Federation.
The Italian had Lipizzan breed a herd book established by DM 31/01/84 the Italian Breeders Association.
Today, the Lipizzaner horses, as well as Lipizza, is bred in Italy in Monterotondo - Rome, Hungary and Austria in Piber, as is horse saddle from the carriage.

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