Maremmano horse

Maremmano horse



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The race horses maremmani

Morphological characters:

Type: meso-dolicomorfo.
Presents of coat color bay or blackish, usually dark.
Height at withers: 161 to 173 cm.
Weight: from 452 to 502 kg.

Notes: horse energetic, good jumper, balanced and very strong, is the classic horse military. Presents feet well and wear resistant form of good and regular.

 Origins and attitudes

The maremmano horse has origins rooted in the Tuscan Maremma-Lazio remote since the times of ancient Etruscans.
From antiquity till '800 they has maintained the same initials typical forms: strong horse, squat and shady.
After 1860, subsequently to Italy has started to cross with other breeds of horses more gentle and slender.

Through the intersection with the English thoroughbred which has led to a "new generation", in Versilia, (Tuscany) in San Rossore factory born in 1902 the stallion Fauno.
The English thoroughbred refine soon rustic and squat figure of the old Maremma and increases both the nevrilitą that stature.
It therefore comes to a race horse robust, generous and resistant to fatigue in any climatic condition and suitable as a horse saddle.
For their docility these horses are now appreciated as companions and hiking trails both by children from adults.

The great talents of the horse maremmano jumper as was demonstrated by Olympic champions Graziano Mancinelli Ursus on the Lasco and Raimondo D'Inzeo on Daily. Stefano Meattini on Rondinella was world champion speed.
But the classic Italian pressapochismo, ignorance and stupid esterofilia not have an adequate selection as horse sports until the nineties.
Recently, much has been understood and widely reassessed the Maremmano horse.

The Italian Association horse race Breeders Maremmana (ANAM) was first introduced in Italy the "performance test" for evaluating and approving the reproduction of broodmares and stallions.

So now comes an opinion aptitude for work, the willingness to jump in and sailing and not just a mere morphological view on the subject.
The horse Maremmano is now well known for its huge potentiality.


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