Murgese horse

Murgese horse



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The Horse murgese

The area of origin and spread of horse murgese is the Murge in Puglia.

It 'an ancient race fixing its origins in periods of Spanish domination, during which they were imported stallions breeding Berber, Arab and Andalusian.

Origins and attitudes

In fact the spread of the horse murgese is attributable to the County of Conversano, a family of nobles, skilled and far-sighted farmers espertissimi in the choice of horses to be imported and very attentive to their selection of features aimed at places of origin. E 'in 1926 that the officially recorded conversation murgese horse race to the "Deposit Stallions" then named "Increase Equestrian Institute of Foggia."

The murgese is a rustic breed, often bred in the wild that offers good horses, for their strength and their docile nature but lively. It is often used in rural houses and stables for the shooting light and equestrian tourism.

Morphological characters and Biometric data at 32 months:

Type: mesomorfo.
Average weight: 340 - 410 kg.
Height at withers: 156 -169 cm. male, 151 - 161 females
Circ. Chest: 182 cm. males, 171 females.
Circ. shin: 21 cm. male, 20 cm. females.
Coat: Corvine, blackish, acknowledged the roan.
Head: not too heavy with slightly mutton profile, wide forehead with large expressive eyes.

Sturdy neck with a large mane; muscular shoulders and tilted, height noted.
Back well supported and horizontal, muscled loins and short, muscular rump, proportionate and properly tilted, wide and muscular chest with developed chest, tail low.

Arts forearm with solid medium long, thick and large joints, gait and loose Sure, cadenced trot; aplomb regular foot and directed the second well with black nail and compact. black.
Lively temperament.

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