Mustang horse

Mustang horse



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The breed of horses Mustang

Morphological characters
Type: mesomorph.
Coat: of every variety.
Height at: 134 - 151 cm.
Weight: 410 - 510 kg.
Methods: not very graceful, often mouton head and hoof stock and very hard.
Character: independent and courageous, not easy to govern.

Origins and attitudes

The race horses mustang is a native of California, the United States, and derives from Spanish horses brought in the fifteenth century in the New Continent.
Abandoned in complete freedom from mid-sixteenth century formed herds of wild horses, reproducing a natural selection that rewarded the strongest.
For three centuries were the most popular race horse in the United States, but in the first half of the twentieth century were subjected to a fierce fighter who cut the stock to a few thousand, more than two million originally.
In Nevada is now a park in order to safeguard this race and there are associations involved in the survival of the mustang.
Cavallo tireless and robust, is now used almost exclusively in rodeos.

Given the speed, independence and resistance that characterizes this race, the name "Mustang" has been used for cars and other high-performance, as well as sports mascots.

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