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The Paint horse

The American Paint Horse is a breed of horses originating in the United States.

The Native Americans have bred this horse as being even with magical powers derived from the particular mantle piece; these magical skills were considered very important in the battle for the defense of the knight, almost like a magic shield.

Paint horses in the past was used primarily as a work horse. Still view it is quite frequently saddled american style and used for this type of mount.
The race is formed by the selection of breeds Thoroughbred horses Arabic and English.

Depending on the type of size, the horse may be classified as over, tobiano, and tovero.
The Tovero is actually a cross between the Tobiano and over.
In the horse over, usually the head tends to be white, the legs of the darker color and cuts seem jagged.

In addition to the special feature of the mantle, has the same characteristics of the Quarter horse. His stature varies from 148 to 163 cm, the height and his weight is around 510 kg. These horses are loved mainly for their reliable and quiet nature, but also knows that present aspects strong, vibrant and independent.

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