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Dish of the Day

* bean pap and tripe
* polenta and codfish
* truffle ravioli
* balsamic vinegar
* nocino

Tipical Daily dishis

B&B Rooms

All ours rooms offer: Private Parking
Private veranda and Garden.
Private heating  
Kitchen corner
Air conditioned.

Bed and Breakfast

Restaurant Riding school

Farm Holiday Restaurant villas Rooms Riding The Casale. The farm Bologna Farmhouse: Farmhouse Holidays in the house
with lounge, restaurant, rooms. SERVICES: Pool Restaurant Riding Bike Suitable for the disabled. 9 apartments.
Bed & Breakfast
Agritourism Villa Bologna in Emilia. Restaurant guide to handling Persiceto.
Accommodations HOTEL RESIDENCE REQUIRED Bologna Tel.051-fax 051 - - RESTAURANT, HANDLING, TREKKING (3 KM).

The restaurant and handling the Farmhouse will allow you to enjoy fully and in perfect symbiosis your horse Persiceto; rural houses and restaurants.
Restaurant to manage in San Giovanni Persiceto, biological and simple recipes with typical local dishes and traditional, such as tortellini and pappa Emilian beans and other dishes of the culture of Bologna.
Riding Al Casale Ristorante - Restaurants Emilian online. Riding Al Casale. WARNING: To write the restaurant click on email.
MY CASALE Wellness Center Emilia Romagna Hotel and Leisure at My House of St. John Persiceto: Gazebo, horses, soccer, tennis, Drama, Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Restaurants and hotel

Fully furnished apartments and new construction in the beautiful pearl of Marefosca of Persiceto, restaurant, riding stables,
Agritourism Villa Emilia, horses and riding Farmhouse. Restaurant hall, large and comfortable, is derived in the main building with tavern,
attic, basement and tavern. Casale Equestrian Club Marefosca equestrian park. Restaurant and Pension and horses, Local Products.

Tortellini and Lambrusco

Farmhouse Country House Persiceto, rooms with bath, restaurant. All the comforts. Mountain Bike. Riding agreement.
Equine convention center. Riding center agreement with FISE lessons. Riding, horse trekking, lessons and riding on Romita.

Casale Pizzeria Restaurant and handling, is located a few kilometers from the city of Persiceto in the territory of Marefosca immersed in a campaign

Riding with Farmhouse nell'Emilia | The House of horses riding with The Trumpet of the House: Restaurant and Food Service. The restaurant complex
The agritourism Casale is ready to delight the palate of lovers of horses and nature.


Balsamic vinegar and Truffles

Facilities: Room cleaning, restaurant, horse riding, archery, table tennis, bowling, mountain biking, products for sale, farms and balsamic vinegar and truffle, Lambrusco and tortellini.


Riding Arena 50x40 m.

Riding external 100x50 m, with 2 circles, 30 horses boxes. ... The center has an agreement with the nearby restaurant Il Casale

Hotel-Restaurant Hotel Persiceto Hotel-Restaurant 2006 Sauze d'Oulx, Riding Local Products.
The rooms - Activities - Local Food - The rooms - Events - Hotel - Hotel - Restaurant - Travel - Ceremonies - Weddings - Horses.

FARM HOTEL RESTAURANT WEDDING CEREMONY HANDLING. [Persiceto] presents the farmhouse, the rooms and halls.
It offers fares and contacts, location and information on tourist sites present.

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