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riding school

Place where you school or riding exercises, usually consisting of a fence (also rectangle) with the ground covered with chaff of rice, sand or other soft materials.
In the vicinity of the stables are usually located in areas of rearing horses (horse), upholstery and other buildings logically related to those functions.
The rectangle in order to host races recognized by the Federation Equestrian sport must correspond to the institutional measures


History of Riding

Have come to references that lead us to believe that the stables have been used since the ancient times.
Five thousand years ago were the only places where circular was possible to practice riding, do the exercises or training dressage horses safe from bad weather.

It is in Italy that reappears the first riding towards on 1500.
The italian term "maneggio" derives from the French ManŔge and France, during the rule of Henry III was instituted real handling.

Description of Riding

The buildings of Equestrian riding school occur almost always rectangular.

In the best performances handling is closed and covered, so as to enable them to exercise the horse in all seasons and weather condition.
The handling system should provide a good lighting to be used at night.
The panels are side is well equipped with a slope, said rider, so cavaliere to avoid receiving or crushing blows to the legs between the wall and the horse.

The size of the stables are like when more than Olympic (20 meters by 60), so you can prepare in the best races of dressage.

Many stables have openings on one or more sides and often have no lighting and scale well below those for the Olympic stables.

The handling of the fund must be covered with substances mobile sawdust, sand, chip of wood or cork.
Today is the favorite land in sand than in chip or sawdust as deemed too slippery and more difficult maintenance.

Sometimes venfono called "horse-discovered" even fields from dressage to Olympic size.

Figures handling

The Equestrian academic and practice of dressage are based on mere basis of figures called "figures of riding."


The Old Trumpet Hamlet's

Bed & Breakfast villa for lovers of riding a horse inside the villas with pet terapy, a scuderia with a large box and a saddle equipped houses 30 horses selected and trained to race.
In the heart of Persicetana Agro Bolognese, near Modena and Ferrara, for your leisure and your favorite passion is the Riding Old Trumpet Hamlet's, with the track for horses, the Equestrian riding school and riding track, the riding school and other food services and hospitality.

The riding horses, including indoor and children, offering services kinesiology 'pet terapy' at the Fattoria del Casale with the Trumpet of the farm holding, estate and ancient rustic farmhouse at the Voltone between Locatello and Marefosca.


Immersed in an enchanting natural scenery The Old Riding offers its guests a relaxing stay in the quiet of the countryside Persicetana.
Guests who wish to be assigned a horse for all duration...

Riding with Riding Center - Farmhouse in Emilia - Equestrian Center Casale's Trumpet: courses for children on ponies and field school.
Riding center handling farm Fattoria Casale Trumpet in San Giovanni Persiceto, Bologna - Italy.

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