Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred horse



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Thoroughbred race

Morphological characters

Type: dolicomorph.
The colors are almost always full all: Bay and sorrel, gray and rarely blackish, very rare Rouen.

Often stars on the forehead, flakes or lists, or the limbs Balzan always very appreciated.

A typical feature of race skin is very soft and thin, which masks the veins and hair silky and fine.

The mane and tail are fine and smooth.

Height : 146-179 cm. with average around 162 cm

Weight: from 321 to 451 kg.
Nevrile and energetic, rebellious and sometimes scathing.
The elegant head merges into a long neck curved so graceful.
It 'very fast and has great fund, requires sensitive and experienced riders as it is not easy to mount.


Origins and attitudes

Thoroughbred race is a native of Great Britain; "thoroughbred" is its name in English means "pure bred".
The strong passion for the British horse racing has given momentum to this race already for several centuries before his selection as horse racing for the races gallop.
'700 Go back to the origins of the race date back, from three stallions of Arab origin: Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and a dark Bay clear from Arabic origin with mares racing indigenous, who were then subsequently coupled with the dark Bay Godolphin Arabian , Also known as Godolphinad and Barb for his Berber origins, and a strain of Arab Bay of Turkish origins

The thoroughbred horse is used for racing galloped around the world for its remarkable speed. The book of racial sumption since 1793 and there are subscribers only horses born to parents enrolled.
Today, the thoroughbred race does not present morphological characteristics significantly uneven. There are three types that can be distinguished as "sprinter", more elongated and high, very fast, the "Stayer", more intimate and small, with large fund and the 'intermediate ", with sloping shoulders, back and oblique backstroke enough shortly jumper and used as suitable for a racing obstacles. The Thoroughbred horse is the most raised and probably the best known in the world, besides being used in the most crossings to improve breeds saddle.

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